A monitoring system that

helps drivers

develop a safer driving style

mDrive is an intelligent monitoring system that helps drivers reduce distractions they face while operating a vehicle. It can be installed in any vehicle and consists of a single camera unit attached above the steering wheel.

mDrive increases safety by actively monitoring the driver’s body position, analyzing their driving style and alerting them when they are distracted.


Surfing the internet, texting, eating, fiddling with the car radio distractions are one of the leading causes of vehicle accidents.

more than


120.000 dead

and over 8.5 million injuries every year due to an accident caused by a distraction.

mDrive alerts you when you are distracted. Fewer distractions mean fewer accidents.





of accidents



mDrive can be installed in any vehicle as it consists of a small camera unit that is attached above the steering wheel. There’s no visible wires or any other sensors that may ruin the appearance of the vehicle.

mDrive focuses on recognizing distraction a driver may face while driving. It scans the driver’s body position and cross references it with the driver’s driving style. That way mDrive picks up on distractions that other systems may not.

mDrive does not store or record any videos or images. It uses an IR camera and advanced algorithms to scan the driver's body position to determine if they are distracted.

mDrive works by helping the driver to develop a safer driving style. It focuses on preventing distractions while driving and thus decreasing the likelihood of accidents.


Who is it for?




While mDrive can be used by anyone, it is best suited for companies that have a fleet of vehicles. mDrive can provide a company with a monitoring system that can increase the safety of its drivers and vehicles. It can be installed in any vehicle and can keep track of the driving style of each driver. Companies with safer drivers can save costs on insurance and accidents.

how does it work?




mDrive uses a small camera unit mounted above the steering wheel to monitor the driver’s body position. After a short calibration, the mDrive system can accurately predict if the driver is distracted by analyzing their current body position with the driver’s driving style. When a driver is distracted an alarm will alert the driver that they should focus on driving. The system also stores the driving data so it can be processed and analyzed at a later date.


mDrive was founded with an objective to use modern technology at affordable prices to address major security and traffic safety issues. The team behind mDrive consists of leading experts in machine vision, artificial intelligence, security, and product design.


We have partnered with the Machine Laboratory at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana as well as the Slovenian traffic safety agency.


Our cofounders also include Andrej Podvršič, an international security expert, as well as former Director General of the Police.


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